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"Ask not what your horse can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your horse" - Chris Irwin


True communication is achieved using gentle and effective ways to understand horses. These ways derive from understanding natural horse psychology and body language, interpreting that information, and incorporating it through our body language in a way they understand. Horses communicate constantly with each other using their body language and subtle cues and signs another would pick up on. In nature, a horse would approach or retreat from a horse depending on the cues the other horse would give; whether he is inviting him into his space, or pushing him out of his space/way. 

​A sound horse is a mentally stable horse, where the 

Frame of Body = Frame of Mind

Meaning if a horse is busy in his mind, he will result with a busy body (fidgety, spooky, etc.).​ ​

Training always begins on the ground, as groundwork is the foundation of any training regime, and is strictly tailored to the horse and his needs at the time! Every horse is different!

Our Services

We provide an array of equine services and solutions for equines and equestrians

Equine Behavior Assessment

Equine Behavior solutions

Problem Horses


Starting Horses (all ages)

Equine Training & Development

Equine Physiotherapy Solutions

Aromatherapy & Natural Wellness

Customized Programs for Businesses

Liberty Equine Education

Equine Awareness 

A program specifically tailored to building the awareness of horses and animals based on natural communication and understanding. 


Equine Psychology Theory

A program designed to understand how horses communicate in herds and with people, how that applies to humans in order to reciprocate the message, and read the horse's body language through physical and psychological assessment.

Equine Events

We provide event planning and management services, campaigns, arrange clinics, workshops and demonstrations, children events, animal awareness, and much more.


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Vroujke - Lunging - Moving Circles

Lunging does a lot more than just get that excess energy out before riding! Lunging is extremely important as it strengthens the bond between human and horse, most importantly, it helps the horse release endorphins to make the horse feel good and become more relaxed and attentive.

Bailey - Lunging - Moving Circles & Halt Transitions

Bailey is a hyper-sensitive big thoroughbred competition jumper. He hates tack and gets very stressed when dressing him with the surcingle and haler. Lunging Bailey makes him feel better and decreases his anxiety levels and making him feel more balanced and confident.

Moonshine - Liberty Loose Lead

Loose Lead helps in dealing with distracted, stubborn, or rude behavior from your equine friends. Help keep them engaged, focused, and with you mentally and psychically following your lead by reading your body language.   Establish a better bond, by communicating correctly using body language your horse understands!

Bailey - Loose Lead to Liberty Loose Lead

Keeping Bailey's mind engaged helps him tremendously. He begins to relax and bow, releasing stress and exhibiting a "feel good" sensation with a curled tail, forward ears, a good bend, rounded body, and bowing. Using the 3 energies of push, block, and draw, helps Bailey understand my body language as i communicate in "horse language." Using these 3 energies, we help horses to release endorphins, minimize stress, and communicate clearly and safely while getting the correct message across. 

Vroujke - Long Lining & Liberty Loose Leading

Ground driving is another word for long lining. Long Lining is a more advanced skill acquired from horse and handler.

There is nothing in this world greater than to experience the joy of a horse that wants to be with you! Willingly!


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